Tony's [now known as Jay Light] style isn’t strictly hip-hop, there’s elements of dance, rap and house within his music, straddling a number of style in order to create his own musical identity.”

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Jay Light (formerly known as Music Bear Tony Banks) is a Toronto based, New Yorker
who has found musical freedom in the dance music world. The self-accepted, full-grown bear’s sound infuses melodic, electronic and dance grooves with Hip-Hop flows and
R&B stylings, creating his unique style that weaves its way through many genres.

Jay Light was formerly considered to be solely a gay emcee. To serve his artistry, he
needed to break away from the established cultural embellishments that have become a
part of the gay rap scene. JL has a matured vision of his personal and artistic evolution
in both the fashion and music worlds. No longer does he feel creatively stifled or the
necessity to be any less than his true, authentic self.